Increase ROI with Direct Mail

Increase ROI with Direct Mail

The number one question we are asked when beginning a new direct marketing project is “How can I increase the return on my investment?”. As marketers, we are always trying to find new, innovative ways to make our campaigns more effective but we sometimes overlook some of the basics. Here are 5 Simple ways to make sure you are maximizing the effect of your direct mailers:
Include the “Big 5 Components”. You can get as complicated or as simple as you want with inserts, fancy envelopes, etc, but the things you must have in your mail piece are:

  1. Attention Grabbing Headline
  2. A Solid Offer
  3. A true deadline for the offer
  4. A clear call to action
  5. Must be social proof

Make the buying process as simple as possible. Every extra step it takes to get your money from your customer reduces your ROI. Allow the sale to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible through the use of Toll Free Numbers, prepaid postage, and one-click landing pages that allow customers to input their credit card immediately.
Only use a quality mailing list that has been tuned-in to reach your exact audience. Be sure to target it properly and use tracking codes to help determine which segment of your list is the most successful. There are hundreds of demographic criteria now available through list compilers which allow you to be very selective in who you are trying to reach so seek the assistance of a list compiler to make sure you are taking advantage of all the data available to you.
Be catchy without making a lot of noise. Everyone today is being bombarded with email spam, direct mail and other forms of marketing. People have learned to tune out that which seems noisy and non-substantive. It is crucial for your direct mail campaign to be clean, visually appealing and simple in message. Make sure your mail piece offers a clear, quick message of why your product is of their benefit.
Talk about the customer, not you. Your prospects don’t care so much about YOUR system as much as THEIR results. Make sure your mail piece stays focused on how your offering will help them reach their potential.

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