Direct Mail That Works

Success of any direct mail campaign largely depends on three major elements:

(1) The Quality of Design of the mail piece,
(2) The Offer – why will a potential client respond to your mailer, and last but of equal importance is
(3) The Mailing List.

One could have the best design and have a great offer but if you’re not mailing to the proper audience, the success of your mailing campaign will seem like a complete waste of advertising dollars as well as having a low response rate. All three elements must have the same amount of attention when developing a good direct mail advertising campaign.

Zodiac not only offers our clients mailing lists but we exert the time and effort with our clients to help them discover who is their potential customer. Only then do we rent a mailing list.


You provide Zodiac Printeractive with your in-house database. We analyze it, research it, and provide you with our recommendations as to the most efficient way to revise your list in order to yield maximum returns.


We will do the research and find that mailing list that will be directed to the specific targeted market you are looking for. We have a meeting with you or your staff to determine the specific criteria you are focusing on to get the best ROI on your mailing investment. We can merge and purge contacts to not duplicate a mailing.

In addition to our top-of-the-line printing, Zodiac processes all direct mail projects in-house. Our direct mail division is rigorously trained in the constantly changing rules and regulations that govern direct mail. This ensures your project of being carefully managed from start to finish, at one location.