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When you choose to work with us, you can bet you are going to get more than the ‘results’ you are used to getting.

The four-step process that we have in place combined with our professional staff and strong customer service ensures that every project we take a part in is successful.

Here is a look into our four-step process, so you can fully understand the wide array of advantages your project will receive. The four critical steps to success that we use are:


When we start on your project, we do not just take the information provided by you and proceed. We do much more to increase the effectiveness of the project, as well as its overall success. We take the time to thoroughly learn about all the details of your industry, business goals, and the specific needs you have. We use many techniques and strategies to discover and explore all the aspects and components of your business so that we can identify your target audience and your competition. It is with this data that we gather an entire picture of your company’s position in the market and in the industry.
Your project team will be comprised of our highly talented professionals. These key people will plan, create, and build the perfect ‘blueprint’ for your project. With this information we generate a live wireframe of your website. This is an online, functional structure that you are able to navigate and get a good feel for how the final product will function. During this phase we will organize your content, create click though paths and call to actions. This is to make sure that once the site is up and running, users will be able to easily navigate your website. Once this phase is approved, this wireframe is used as a roadmap for the rest of the process.


Once we have your project’s blueprint with all the meticulous details necessary for seamless execution, we go into design. What makes Zodiac PrinterActive truly special is that we treat each project like a work of art, balancing the artistic approach with the functionality requirements. Our team of designers spends their time testing and verifying each screen as well. They double-check all the instructions and details in the project blueprint to ensure all the project goals have been met before concluding their part of the project. They always include a full mockup of photo shots for the development step in your project, eliminating confusion and any guesswork later on.


The Development step is when things start to come alive! This is the step where we take the full design mockups and convert them into the real thing. Our team of talented website developers works one on one with your project, utilizing advanced and effective programming techniques, strategies, and code to make certain you receive the most reliable, secure, dependable, and trustworthy results. All components are thoroughly evaluated and analyzed for quality. Our testers must give their stamp of approval certifying the success of the development step before the project is allowed to move into the final step and project launch.


After the completion of the project and your site is live, we offer additional services to ensure the success of your project.


You can count on us to continuously implement changes and improvements on your website. When you choose to work with Zodiac PrinterActive, you can count on us to make your project a success. We work for you every step of the way. In fact, there is nothing more important to us then delivering the most excellent and professional results to our clients every single time.