Large Format Printing

Zodiac expanded its existing large format printing options. Zodiac’s focus has always been quality and now we can bring it to our large format displays our customers are demanding, along with shorter timelines for production. Our large format flatbed UV printer allows us to print on just about any material up to 2 inches thick along with a max size of 4′ x 8′ giving our customers a wide range of size options. A list below will give you some idea of what we are capable of printing. If you do not see what you’re looking for, please call

Retractable Displays

High quality one-sided banners that come in various sizes. They will arrive completely assembled and in their own carrying case, ready for storage, transport or immediate display.
Signs, Displays and Banners – Substrates Available:

•   Foam Board / Gator Board
•   Coroplast (Yard Signs & Political Signs)
•   Mighty Board / Sintra Board
•   Polystyrene / 20mm (for signs)
•   PVC 3mm / 6mm (External Displays or washable displays)
•   Translucent Vinyl (Window Decals, Sales Signs, Company Logos)
•   Rigid Films / Plexiglass 1/4″ or 1/2″

•   Static Cling (Removable window Displays)
•   Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (Equipment Labels, Vehicle Advertising)
•   Vinyl Banners – 10oz to 15oz
•   Vinyl Mesh Display Banners (Wind resistant)
•   Max-Metal 3 or 6 mm
•   Plastics / Wood / Ceiling Tiles
•   And More!