Our Process

At Zodiac printing, our mission is to become a “trusted advisor” to our clients.

We start this process with the most important step… listening. We learn as much as we can about our clients and THEIR audience, allowing us to develop a plan that will communicate their message in the most effective way possible.

Once the plan is in place, our team goes to work. Every project is assigned an Account Associate that is our client’s advocate throughout the production process. In addition to making sure our clients are well aware of the budget, they also keep our clients abreast of schedule, deadlines and approvals along with any modifications along the way. We find this simple method of communication allows projects to move seamlessly and without surprises. In addition, it allows our clients to have a “go-to person” for any issues that may arise so that answers can be provided in the timeliest manner possible.

With our structured in-line production environment, we provide an arsenal of services from a very experienced team of professionals. From the Account Rep who first designates the assignment to our logistics team that provides the distribution or shipping of the final product, YOUR project is treated as if it is our ONLY project. We take pride in our craft and consistently strive to provide a “wow” factor in every project we handle.