When it comes down to it, everything we do is about RESULTS. How then can you make sure that you are getting the most out of your marketing investment? Here are 5 ways to help increase your direct mail pieces chances of returning a high ROI:

1) Make sure you cover all 5 Direct Marketing Elements
Direct mail and online marketing are very similar. They both use the same time tested direct marketing concepts. You can get as complicated or simple as you want with inserts, fancy envelopes, etc, but the things you must have in your mail piece are:

  • Attention grabbing headline
  • A solid offer
  • A true deadline for the offer
  • Clear call to action
  • Social proof

2) Make Conversions Easy
If you want high ROI, you’ll need to make the buying process as easy as possible. Every extra step it takes to get your money from the customer decreases your conversion rate and reduces ROI. Think about having 1800 numbers, prepaid postage for customers and a one click landing web page that lets customers input their credit card immediately in order to make the sale quickly and efficiently.

3) Get a Quality Mailing List
The most important factor of your success is a high quality mailing list. This is also the easiest way to waste a lot of money if it is not done properly. Be sure you target your lists properly. Include a tracking code, trackable 800 phone number, or campaign landing page to be able to analyze what works best for future campaigns.

4) Catchiness Without Noise
Everyone today is being bombarded with e-mail spam, direct mail and other forms of marketing. People have learned to tune out that which seems noisy and non-substantive. Therefore, it is crucial for your direct mail marketing campaign to be clean, visually appealing and simple in message. Make sure your piece offers a clear, quick message of why your product is helpful.

5) Include a Clear Call to Action
Too many direct mail campaigns have hundreds of words, glossy photos, and no clear call to action. What one action do you want the reader to take?  What 2-3 benefits will they enjoy as a result of taking action?  Make your campaign stand out with a simple yet direct format.

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