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Our mailing list service can give you access to over 200 million records with hundreds of demographics. If you need to penetrate a specific geographic location or want to focus exclusively on particular demographics, you’ll gain access to more qualified buyers with the help of Zodiac PrinterActive. We can provide targeted lists to fit the requirements of your campaign including Resident Occupant, Consumer Mailing, Business Mailing, Speciality Mailing and Response Mailing.

  • Consumer Data

    Reach consumers at their home address.

    Consider using a Consumer list if targeting consumers by elements like age, income, ethnicity, and buying activity is important to your mailing.

    Consumer lists are compiled from a variety of public records sources including county recorder data, credit card transactions, telephone directories, and survey data.

    Consumer files are updated every 30 to 60 days.

    Consumer lists offer extensive personalization and targeting options that include geographic, demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional selections.

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  • Business Data

    Reach businesses at their mailing address.

    Consider using a Business list if targeting businesses by elements like SIC code, employee size, and sales volume is important to your mailing.

    Business lists are compiled from a variety of public and private record sources including credit data, professional journals, legal filings, media/news resources, and government registrations.

    All of our business files are updated on a monthly basis.

    Business lists offer extensive personalization and targeting options that include firmagraphic, franchise, and title/job function selections.

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  • Resident Occupant Data

    Reach every mailable residential and/or business address within a given geographical area.

    Resident/Occupant data, a.k.a. saturation data, is sourced directly from the United States Postal Service and is updated monthly.

    In a saturation mailing, mail pieces are delivered in walk sequence and may be eligible for postal discounts.

    While this type of data is ideal for many general marketing offers, it is not personalized or targeted.

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